Terpbeans: CBD Jelly Bean

Ojas CBD is the first store in the world to receive terpene infused CBD candies from David Klein; the inventor of Jelly Belly.

News broke about a month ago about these confectionery goodies coming out soon. Everyone was talking about them but nobody could get their hands on them. Each time we went to their site it “not available.”

I remembered a story from a friend of mine where he mentioned that he knew the creator of the Jelly bean. I quickly shot him a message to see if he could help Ojas CBD get these.

The very next morning my phone rang, and it was David Klein himself!!! I was caught completely off guard and didn’t even know what to say!! I’m sure that I mumbled about how I’ve loved his Jellies growing up and how exciting it is to chat with him.

We chatted for about 15 minutes about his life and some of his other creations. I told him a little bit about my inventions and asked him if I could make an even more special bean. I explained to him the value of terpenes, and how CBD is amazing on its own, but the effects are amplified when taken with other cannabinoids or terpenes. He didn’t even hesitate. He said, “Billy If you can send me the terpene infused CBD, I can make your beans just the way you’d like them.”

Terpbeans are the truly a unique CBD product. Made from the highest quality CBD and infused with just enough terpenes to enhance the benefits, but doesn’t alter that jelly flavor that you’ve grown to love.

Terpbeans will be available at our Rayford road location on April 11th 2019.