What Are Terpenes and What Do They Do?

At Ojas CBD, we carry terpenes (specifically, Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purple) for clients. One of the most common questions we get is: “What are they and how do I use them?” Terpenes are like the essential oils of CBD. They come in a small bottle along with a dropper that is used to measure the amount of oil you are applying or ingesting. They can enhance the effects and benefits of your CBD. In this blog, we will go more in-depth about them and what they can do for you.

What Exactly Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are CBD concentrated oils that can provide you with numerous health benefits. Terpenes are found in most plants and typically give off a very particular odor to ward off predators that may eat them, like insects or herbivores. But don’t worry, cannabis terpenes are not harmful to humans. Cannabis has high levels of terpenes, as evidenced by the familiar smell that accompanies many flowers.

What Are the Benefits?

Terpenes have been known to enhance your immune system response. Additionally, terpenes found in cannabis have been shown in studies to decrease inflammation, improve anxiety and depression, reduce seizures and even may contain anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. While we cannot offer medical advice at Ojas CBD, we are happy to share the testimonials some of our clients have found with using cannabis. Research into terpenes is still new and ongoing, but scientists are seeing more and more benefits in its use.

How to Use 

Unlike vaporizers or pipes, terpenes are ingested orally instead of smoked. Many people find the taste to be pleasant and flavorful. They can also be diluted in other carrier oils to be applied to the skin. Always make sure that you keep in mind that the oil is very concentrated and typically a drop or two is all you need. Be wary of non-cannabis alternatives, as they can be toxic if ingested, such as tea tree oil. While benefits are experienced quickly for some, terpenes’ effects build up over time. So, make sure to give them at least a few weeks to decide whether it is working for you or not.

The experts at Ojas CBD are happy to discuss terpenes and how they may benefit you and which one would fit your needs. Contact us today!

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